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Morning Kickaround (Open Threads)

GM For A Day: Which MLS Player Would You Trade/Acquire for the Revolution for 2019 or beyond?

DC United waived fullback Akeem Ward earlier today, which got us thinking about smaller MLS moves that might help get the Revs to the end of the year.

A Lazy Tuesday Morning Kickaround

Well, it's already July, which is just ridiculous. On this Tuesday morning, which is...a Tuesday morning, we have a series of links for your viewing pleasure, and because Steve was too lazy to think of a discussion topic.

Monday Morning Kickaround: MOTIVATE ME

This morning on the open thread, I beg all of you for advice. I need motivation to complete several mundane tasks that I know will take me a long time. Please, for the love of all that is holy, motivate me to do them!

Friday Morning Kickaround: Cars Suck

It's Friday, the party day, and yet some of us are at home feeling horribly ticked off. Why is that? Cars of course. This morning's kickaround topic is car trouble, so sound off on it.

Wednesday Morning Kickaround: Revs as Music?

It's Wednesday....! Hump day sucks, but being able to watch the Bruins kick off the Stanley Cup Finals AND see the Revs take on the Red Bulls at Harvard certainly takes the edge off, right? To kick off your morning, give us your Revs as albums.

Monday Morning Kickaround: Revs in a Horror Movie

The Revolution came out of a three-game home stand with very positive results, though the draw against United is still disappointing. For today's kickaround, we ask you: if the Revs were in a horror movie, who would die first?

Friday Morning Kickaround: Who's Your Chara?

With the Bruins poised to possibly clinch a place in the Stanley Cup Finals and the United States ready to take on Jamaica, there's plenty on tap for the day. For the kickaround: give us your Revolution players as Bruins skaters!

Wednesday Morning Kickaround: Perovic vs. JoGo

It's Wednesday morning, and we have a question for all of y'all as you wake up and make your way to work or class or whatever. So tell us, who was the better contemporary Revs signing: Perovic or Goncalves?

Friday Morning Kickaroud: No Game Tomorrow? Weird

The USA lost on Wednesday but play again on Sunday, the Revs don't play till Sunday, and honestly there's not a whole lot else going on except a bunch of news items you'l hear about later. Come talk among yourselves.

Wednesday Morning Kickaround: Three on the Trot!

It's Wednesday, and it's the day after the Revolution's third win in a row! On this joyous of days, one that will also see us cheering for a USA victory this evening, we invite you to talk among yourselves about any topic your heart desires.

Monday Morning Kickaround: Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone! If you feel like sharing anything about veterans in your family, please do, and either way, come join our daily open thread and talk among yourselves.

Friday Morning Kickaround: TGIF, Guys

It's Friday! Big game tomorrow, Bruins game last night, and a whole weekend ahead of us. Come talk amongst yourselves.

Thursday Morning Kickaround: Owww

It's Thursday, and the morning kickaround is late but it's here. Come on in and talk about, well, anything.

Wednesday Morning Kickaround: BIG BAD BRUINS

It's Wednesday, the Bruins are 3-0 up on the Rangers, the Revolution media game is today, and we're one day closer to a winnable game against Toronto for the Revs. Talk about that, or anything else.

Tuesday Morning Kickaround: The Very First

It's time to introduce the latest recurring feature on The Bent Musket: morning open threads! From now on we'll have a daily post for open discussion about absolutely anything under the sun.