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MLS Fantasy

MLS Fantasy tips and advice.

MLS Fantasyland: Round 17

The internationals are back, and some fresh faces are lighting up the scoreboards. It's time for fantasy owners to make some moves.

MLS Fantasyland: Round 15

Byes, Byes, and more byes in Round 15. Who can you count on to produce in a very light week in MLS fantasy?

MLS Fantasyland: Round 14

Fantasy teams all over MLS are being ravaged by international call-ups, injuries, and suspensions. What can you do to stat ahead of the curve as the summer approaches?

MLS Fantasyland: Round 12

After a huge week on the MLS schedule, Matty Jollie takes a look at how your fantasy team can continue its momentum towards the top of the table.

MLS Fantasyland: Round 11

Not one team in MLS has a bye this week, and several teams are playing two matches. Resident fantasy guru Matty Jollie takes a look at how you can capitalize on such a massive week.

MLS Fantasyland: Round 10

The calendar turns to May and resident fantasy fanatic, Matty Jollie has vaulted into the top 500. Where's the production coming from and who should you be looking at to improve your fantasy team?

MLS Fantasyland: Round 9

Fantasy managers everywhere are beginning to learn who they can trust, and who is ready to break out. Our resident fantasy guru, Matty Jollie, takes a look at ways to keep your fantasy team rolling towards the top of the table.

MLS Fantasyland: Week 7

While the Revs had a bye week, your fantasy team was still battling it out. Matty Jollie takes a look back at last week, and looks for some new blood to continue his strong run up the fantasy tables.

MLS Fantasyland: Week 5

The international break and some tough injuries have some MLS Fantasy Managers looking for their wild card spot. With most of the big name stars returning, what can you do to get your fantasy club back on track?

MLS Fantasyland: Week 4

International duties are destroying some fantasy teams this week and making the manager's job ver difficult. In this week's piece we try to find some solutions to filling out your roster with solid, quality replacements.

MLS Fantasyland: Week 3

Crazy how much the fantasy landscape can change in one week. Matty Jollie takes a look inside the prime performances and takes a look at how you can strengthen your fantasy team heading into rivalry week.

MLS Fantasyland: Week 2

First Kick provided plenty of strong performances in Fantasyland, as well as a few surprise no-shows. Who should be leading your team out onto the field in Week 2?

Comprehensive Guide to TBM/SBN Fantasy Soccer 2013

So many leagues, so little time! This year, both TBM and SBN Soccer bought into MLS Fantasy in a big way, offering prizes for winners and runners-up in leagues at both the individual blog and network-wide level.

MLS Fantasyland: Strikers Preview

In the final installment in our draft prep, we take a look at the forwards that can hold the destiny of your fantasy season in their hands. Who will earn their big price tags in 2013?

Featured Fanshot

Official MLS Fantasyland Fantasy League!

Come join the official league of MLS Fantasyland! It will be head to head scoring, so you will play a match against another team each week. MLS Gear gift cards will be awarded to the top 3 teams! LEAGUE CODE: 11498-2401

MLS Fantasyland: Midfielder Preview

Midfielders are a fickle bunch when it comes to trying to predict what their production will be, but there are a few players you should target when you build your fantasy team in 2013.

MLS Fantasyland: Defender Preview

Defenders are a great way to bolster your fantasy team in MLS Fantasy Manager. With their high level of production, as well as their cheaper cost, nailing your defender choices is key to your success!

MLS Fantasyland: Goalkeeper Preview

Often times an afterthought, goalkeepers can be a huge boost to your fantasy team on any given week. Matty Jollie takes a look at your options and offers up some info on drafting your team's keeper in 2013.

MLS Fantasyland: An Intro to MLS' Official Game

With it's popularity at an all-time high, MLS Fantasy Manager is back in 2013. Matty Jollie walks you through the introduction to the game, and gets you started in the first piece of our new fantasy soccer column.