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2013 Gold Cup Predictions - Semifinal Edition

Jake stormed back with a pair of Sunday predictions, and has been trashing talking Steve ever since. Can Steve rebound from his Costa Rica pick and put the new guy in his place?

Patrick McDermott

This is arguably the most fun I've had watching soccer in years. The United States is rolling, I'm 4-for-4 in winners so far and with the exception of every Canada game I forced myself to watch, I have generally enjoyed his year's Gold Cup.

Now, this is a friendly competition between Steve and I, well, relatively, and while nothing good can come of these predictions, they're still fun to do. Steve still has one perfect scoreline (his 1-0 Mexico win over T&T) but had a disaster by picking Costa Rica outright over Honduras. I had Honduras in penalties, basically because I didn't trust Costa Rica's offenese, and lo and behold, Alvoro Saborio missed a sitter in the second minute and Andy Najar gave me a shock upset win


JAKE (2-2) - Winners, 4/4; Scorelines 0/4

STEVE (2-2) - Winners 3/4; Scorelines 1/4


JAKE: USA 3-0 Honduras, FT - I like the way Honduras has played, they're very methodical in their game. But that is almost playing into the hands of the USA right, who should continue to be aggressive in their approach to the Gold Cup. If the USA can score early, it should open the game up and give them more chances on the counter. And I want my shutout.

STEVE: USA 2-0 Honduras, FT - Honduras has worried me since they beat the U.S. a few meetings back, but I don't think the current Honduras side has that kind of potency. They won't roll over, though, and while the Yanks will win it by a comfortable margin, I doubt the match will seem easy.


JAKE: Panama 3-1 Mexico, FT - How can I pick against Mexico? Easily, they've been very lackluster in this tournament. Panama has played well when they've wanted too (that 0-0 game vs. Canada comes to mind) and I think Panama has the better attack in this game. Blas Perez will cause El Tri a lot of problems in the back and while I certainly think Mexico can win, Panama has the confidence from already beaten them once in group play.

STEVE: Panama 1-1 Mexico, Panama wins on penalties - I'm really picking Mexico here because I want to believe they'll lose. They probably won't, though. Still, Panama has the horses, and Mexico has failed to impress despite multiple opportunities, so if it's ever going to happen, it'll be now.

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