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I-95 Cup Update: Revs Drop Points in Back-To-Back Match-ups, DC Still Reign Supreme (For Now)

Yes, friends, it's that time again. Time to check in on the current standings in MLS's most official and most talked about rivalry competition: The I-95 Cup.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

As summer gets into full swing, the competition for this year's elusive and prestigious I-95 Cup gets hotter and hotter. Although no team has played the same number of games against their East Coast opponents, there does seem to be a clear picture of how this year might play out, and it's looking like it might just be down to the wire.


D.C. United's 3-point lead over Philadelphia, New York, and New England is rooted in their early-season stretch where they defeated the Revs and the Red Bulls back-to-back in April and then the Union in May. Their competition have been trying to crawl back into the standings ever since.

The Red Bulls have only played three games in the I-95 Cup so far, beating the Union back in April and then the Revs just before the World Cup break. The Union have played two more games than New York, but have suffered 3 losses in the competition to all three teams, including a 5-3 defeat to the Revs. However, their most recent win over New England this past weekend has shot them up the table and back into the race for supremacy. The Union's 6 points were all gained from wins over the Revs.

New England has played the most games of any other team (six in total) but have dropped valuable points in recent losses to the Union and the Red Bulls on either side of the World Cup break. They also have the worst goal differential out of the Cup's 4 teams-it currently stands at -4.

The I-95 Cup takes a brief respite during the month of July, with Philadelphia and New York serving as the only meeting. The Revs will have a chance to make up some ground in August, though, when they face New York, who will also play D.C. United at the end of the month.

So, that's the story so far. Can the Revs turn it around and defeat their bitter enemies this season to claim I-95 glory? The season is still young .