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Should the Revolution have a Player Hosted Web Show?

#QuincyTime and The Benny Feilhaber Show are getting a lot of praise from fans. Perhaps it's time for he Revs to rejoin the web show game.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It seems that MLS internet shows are all the rage now. Quincy Amarikwa is taking on challenges from twitter followers in #QuincyTime, Oriol Rosell is teaching Spanish in Rosella Stone, and Benny Feilhaber is chatting it up with teammates in the aptly named The Benny Feilhaber Show.

These shows have received a lot of praise, and rightly so as they wildly entertaining. The idea of web shows isn't new, however, as the New England Revolution's KA and DBarnes Video Blog predates them all.

The show, which debuted at the start of 2010, starred Darrius Barnes and Kevin Alston, two players that were drafted one year prior. The premise was simple: give two of the roster's most dynamic players a camera and see what they come up with. The defenders didn't disappoint.

The KA and DBarnes Video Blog offered an inside look at life as a Revolution player. Videos were taped in the locker room, on the bus and at the airport. More than a comedy show, the hosts offered important life lessons, like don't wear orange corduroy shorts and never put a leash on your kid.

The episodes were steady throughout preseason, but soon became irregular once league play began. By the end of 2010, the show had disappeared from the internet to the disappointment of many. Much like the cult classics Firefly and Freaks and Geeks, the KA and DBarnes Video Blog was limited to a singe season.

A new show debuted on in 2011 called The Soares Report. Hosted by rookie AJ Soares, The Soares Report explored some of New England's most pressing issues. Is Soares a good roommate? Is Benny short for Ben? Why doesn't Ilija Stolica shave his legs? All of these questions, and more, were answered on Lemieux Sports Net's most popular show. Despite the show being a fan favorite, The Soares Report would only last a few episodes.

While both the KA and DBarnes Video Blog and The Soares Report were short lived, it may be time to revive the concept of a player hosted web show.

It looked as though this might come true when Paolo DelPiccolo reunited with fellow University of Louisville grad Andrew Farrell. The two players once had a show called Shakin' It Up with Salt n' Peppa, where the duo would challenge other college athletes to sporting contests. Disappointingly, DelPiccolo was released before the show could be resurrected.

Still, there are plenty of players on the roster that would be charismatic and entertaining hosts.

Maybe Kelyn Rowe could host Don't touch the Rowe-mote, a show were the star midfielder reviews television's hottest programs. Who wouldn't want to hear Rowe's take on Dancing with the Stars or Game of Thrones?

Imagine the popularity of Steve's New-Man. Hosted by rookie Steve Neumann, the makeover show helps people that are slumping become more successful in life. Whether you need a new wardrobe, house, or girlfriend, Neumann is the man to transform your life.

The show could easily be paired with Patrick's Mulligans. Much in the vein of Dr. Phil, this sit down talk show allows people to get meaningful advice from Patrick Mullins. Wish you did better in school? Regretting leaving that job? Not sure who the father is? Mullins talks you through your problems and offers you a new lease on life.

Fine, all of these ideas are terrible (and I even tell you about the daytime soap opera Suddenly Sundly), but the point still stands. The Revs should consider having a player hosted web show since they are a great way to showcase the personalities on the team.