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Revolution Fans Respond to Rivalry Questions Over Twitter

This weekend we asked who the Revolution's true rivals were. Twitter, in typical fashion, answered with a tour de force.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, our own Seth Macomber posed a question: who is the New England Revolution's true rival? He examined several worthy candidates without really settling on any one particular answer. There were the usual suspects (D.C., Chicago, New York) and a couple of other choices (Houston, Philadelphia), but again, there was no consensus.

Twitter, however, had some other ideas. As fans read the story and caught the link sent by The Bent Musket's main feed, they started to chime in with their answers.

Some readers took it literally and thought about which teams in MLS they felt the most rivalry with:

Then there were some readers who decided to tell us how they really felt. Some of the answers would be absolutely hilarious if they weren't so sad...and so universally seen as true.

Optimism is just such a common theme among the New England Revolution faithful, isn't it? Nah, we're not bitter at all.