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Krafts Shopping Revolution Stadium Sponsorships, Naming Rights?

More little tidbits seem to be leaking about the possibility of a Revolution soccer stadium. This time, it looks like the Krafts are talking to companies about naming rights and sponsorships.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

More news has broken on the soccer-specific stadium front for the New England Revolution. According to a Globe Business report from today, Bob Kraft has made overtures to at least one company concerning stadium naming rights and other sponsorship opportunities.

The approach is apparently related to the South Boston location that has been floated as a new possible destination for a stadium. The property is located off the I-93 Frontage Road and is currently city-owned. A number of different variables are still at play, including city approval, financing, etc.

As before, caution is the word when reacting to this news. Revolution fans have been burned before, year after year. Whether it's Somerville, near Roxbury, Revere, or Suffolk Downs, there's always a spot, and nothing has ever gotten done.

That said, this one definitely seems like it could have more to it. There was already the initial report on the location, then the leak of photos from Populous, who are apparently studying the feasibility and possibly designing a mock-up for a stadium in that location. Now, sponsorship might be involved.

The Krafts are still not commenting on the story, which is to be expected. There is no word yet on what company was approached.

SOURCE:, Deirdre Fernandes