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Revolution Personnel Proudly Sporting the Stache

The stache: the most manly, and hilarious, of all facial hair choices.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Growing a mustache. Many people try but only a few succeed. Proudly, the New England Revolution employs two men who are succeeding beyond belief.

Midfielder Steve Neumann and club president Brian Bilello have taken up the Movember challenge to help bring awareness to men’s cancer. Both individuals have shared impressive photos of their progress.

It should be noted that Biello sported an equally intimidating stache last year, while Neumann is no stranger to facial fair, as he was spotted with a pirate-esque look while at Georgetown.

Neumann has raised $25 through the Movember campaign, a shame considering the quality of the mustache. Meanwhile, Bilello has raised an extraordinary $1,990.

Revolution fans can still support the cause by donating money to Neumann and/or Biello.