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Revolution's Jose Goncalves Bags an Uncharacteristic and Awesome Goal

Central defenders don't often score goals, and when they do, it's usually a set-piece header. Central defenders almost NEVER score goals after running nearly 100 yards to finish a counter-attack.

Looking at a post-match score sheet, you wouldn't necessarily be surprised to see Jose Goncalves on it. Defenders score all the time, and he has just as good a chance of putting one away as any other defender on the roster. After all, the captain had one during this past regular season and scored two in 2013.

But when you look at the score sheet from Sunday's match, the stat line does not tell the whole story.

Check the video above. JoGo does his best winger impression and flies from box to box down field with Charlie Davies and Teal Bunbury on a three-on-one counter-attack. A central defender scoring on a breakaway? Not something you see every day.

Goncalves was coy about the goal, preferring to credit his teammates.

"I think every goal tonight was important, but of course we are always happy when someone scores," he said. "I had a great chance to break through, and Charlie played a perfect ball. We get 2-0 up, and it was a good moment."

But then, when asked if he thought he or anyone else would have those opportunities, his response belied his surprise.

"Not myself!"