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Revolution Supporters Unveil Ambitious Tifo at Toronto Match

In last night's home and regular-season finale, supporters in the Fort unfurled a massive tifo banner that garnered attention throughout the league's supporter community.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

On the pitch, the New England Revolution took care of business and dispatched Toronto FC on Saturday night to close out their 2014 regular season campaign with a win. Off the pitch, the supporters' groups in the Fort took care of business themselves, launching an ambitious tifo effort that was raised before kickoff.

The Rebellion and the Midnight Riders have put together tifo displays before, but this takes the cake as by far the biggest and most complex. It also signaled the confidence and ambition shared by the supporters: the Revs' recent streak of great form has everyone thinking that MLS Cup is a real possibility.

An effort like this makes you wonder what the Fort will look like in the second leg of the Conference Semi-Finals next week.