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Boston Breakers unveil 2016 jersey

The new home jersey might be the boldest one in the league this season.

The Boston Breakers 2016 kits are in, and they're a mix of bold and bland.

The home jersey is a blue-and-white-striped gradient that fades into solid blue at the shoulders while the away jersey is a simple white. The goalkeeper jerseys are the Nike standard with solid body and striped sleeves that USWNT goalkeepers will also wear. The jersey sponsor remains Steward Health Care, meaning another round of "that annoying piece in Tetris" jokes.

Compared to other NWSL jerseys, some of which have a disappointing template look to them, the new Breakers stripes will definitely stand out. But opinion is divided on whether the gradient robs the stripes of some of their impact, or if the combination of the two is aesthetically pleasing. One way or another, it draws the eye.

Click through the gallery to look at pictures from the jersey reveal, including the introduction of the 2016 roster by new assistant coach Cat Whitehill.