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Boston Breakers Begin Paring Down Preseason Roster

Draftee Bianca Calderone is no longer listed as a preaseason player.

Coach Tom Durkin during Breakers preseason in 2014
Coach Tom Durkin during Breakers preseason in 2014
Stephanie Yang

Fourth-round draft pick Bianca Calderone (Northeastern) is no longer on the Boston Breakers' preseason roster, as well as non-roster invitees Tori Christ (Cornell) and Samantha Whitney (Adelphi).

Christ and Whitney are both goalkeepers and it was expected that of the three invited to train alongside Alyssa Naeher and backup keeper Jami Kranich, only one would potentially stay. Paige Burnett from Northeastern continues to train with the team. Christ stands at 5'4" and Whitney at 5'6", making the 5'10" Burnett an appealing backup to Kranich should Naeher be called for World Cup duty. With a 0.38 GAA from her senior year (1.18 GAA overall), Burnett may even compete with Kranich for the starting spot.

(Interesting side note: In her freshman year Burnett was diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, which causes her heart rate to increase dramatically when she goes from sitting to standing.)

Calderone, who was taken 33rd overall in the draft, is also an alum of Northeastern who started and played every game as a defender her junior and senior year. In a back line that already looks to have Cat Whitehill and Julie King at center back with Rachel Wood, Bianca Sierra, and Kassey Kallman all potentially starting there too, it's perhaps unsurprising to see Calderone cut.


GOALKEEPERS (3): *Paige Burnett, Jami Kranich, Alyssa Naeher
DEFENDERS (8): Amy Barczuk, Kassey Kallman, Julie King, Samantha Lofton, Mollie Pathman, Bianca Sierra, Cat Whitehill, Rachel Wood
MIDFIELDERS (6): Maddy Evans, *Lauren Lazo, Kristie Mewis, Suzane Pires, Katie Schoepfer, Beatriz Vaz e Silva
FORWARDS (9): Bianca Brinson, Nkem Ezurike, Jamia Fields, *Chanel Johnson, Morgan Marlborough, Stephanie McCaffrey, Rafaela Travalao, Stephanie Verdoia, Ketlen Wiggers

*Non-roster invitees