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Breakers Transfers 2014: Boston Waives Forward Melissa Ortiz

In a surprise move, the Boston Breakers have announced that they've waived Colombian forward Melissa Ortiz.


The Boston Breakers made a startling move on Thursday, announcing that they have waived Colombian forward Melissa Ortiz. Ortiz was signed in early December and featured in just three preseason games for the Boston club.

Breakers' General Manager Lee Billiard seemed high on Ortiz when she was signed, stating: "She is a solid physical presence who can play in a number of attacking roles, just a pure attacking player, who I believe, under the tutelage of head coach Tom Durkin, will be a goal-scoring threat here in Boston."

Ortiz's release is puzzling. Prior to the NWSL Draft and Lisa de Vanna's acquisition, resident Breakers beat writer Nick Hemming had projected Ortiz to make 20 appearances and score six goals. Even as the Boston attack started to take shape in recent weeks, Hemming still believed that Ortiz was at least fourth-choice and would make around 12 appearances, scoring twice. Perhaps Ortiz was no longer the focal point of Boston's new, Sydney Leroux-less attack, but she would not doubt have been important.

We will have more analysis on this and other Breakers' moves in the coming days.