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Steph is a Boston transplant since 2003 by way of Louisiana. She attended college in Cambridge and has one unremarkable year of D3 ball to her name, as well as a love of soccer born in 1996 during the Atlanta Olympics, the first year women's soccer was an Olympic sport. You can follow her on twitter @thrace.

NWSL finally moves forward with Breakers ticket refunds

You got moneeeyyyyy (maybe).

What is taking so long on Boston Breakers season ticket holder refunds?

Pay me what you owe me. Don’t act like you forgot.

Boston Breakers players taken in NWSL dispersal draft

Painful but necessary.

NWSL releases dispersal draft order

Let’s hope the players find spots for the 2018 season.

NWSL boss only has partial answers on why Boston shuttered

We’re just starting to get answers about Boston and how the league and the team got to this point.

NWSL makes it official: Boston Breakers to cease operations

Thanks for the days of agonized waiting, guys.

Boston Breakers fold after ownership deal falls through

The end of an era.

Amanda Duffy emphasizes NWSL in the long term

The phrase of the day was "long term commitment."

Boston Breakers take four in 2018 NWSL draft

Top pick Savannah McCaskill could be a big difference maker for Boston.

NWSL 2018 college draft liveblog

New year, new class of rookies. Who will walk away with the best picks?