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Matty Jollie, native Rhode Islander now residing in Naples, FL, is a music/business major currently running his own entertainment company in Southwest Florida. A Revolution faithful since their inception, Matty often sticks to the "x's and o's" of the game, as most of his articles look into the action on the field. When he's not tweeting from his handle @mattyjollie about the beautiful game, it's usually a stream of video game nonsense and the trials and tribulations of early fatherhood.

A Couch Captain Season Preview

With only a few days until MLS First Kick 2016, Matty Jollie was feeling a little nostalgic. As only he can, here's a completely random season preview after almost a year away from The Bent Musket.

Win This One For...

With MLS Cup 2014 approaching ever closer, one Revolution die-hard looks at what a championship would mean to the region, fans, and the next generation of Revolution stars.

REV-elations: What We've Learned So Far

With the World Cup break upon us, it's time to take a quick look back at the opening months of the season to find out what, if anything, we've learned about the New England Revolution.

The Couch Captain: Preseason Stream of Conscience

If you were looking for a clean, well thought-out preseason column, you've wandered down the wrong rabbit hole. The Captain returns from a long hiatus with what can only be described as "a column full of rambling nonsense".

The Couch Captain: The Playoff Push

It's mid-September and the New England Revolution are sitting in a playoff spot. Matty Jollie looks ahead to the final stretch and wonders what it's going to take to stay in the postseason hunt.

The Couch Captain: SKC 3, Revs 0

Hot tempers, questionable substitutions, and a struggling offense all add up to one of the most lopsided losses of the 2013 Revs season.

MLS All Star Game 2013: Lineups and Live Thread

Matty Jollie confesses his true love for the MLS All Star Game and tells you why, even without a New England Revolution player on the roster, this match means more to you than you think.

The Couch Captain: Revs 2, United 1

After a brief hiatus, the Couch Captain returns to find the Revs have won back to back matches on the road. Maybe we'll take breaks from blogging more often?

Revolution vs. Rapids: Preview and Game Notes

In the midst of a brutal three match stretch played over eight days, the Revolution take on the Colorado Rapids tonight at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. With the emotional return of Kevin Alston sure to boost morale, can the Revs steal a result?

The Couch Captain: Revs 1, Chivas USA 1

West Coast trips are never easy, no matter who the opponent may be or what the perception of their club is. The Revs left their final West Coast trip of 2013 with a point, but most fans are disappointed. Should they be?