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I95 Cup Preview: New England and DC

New England is wants to bring DC back down to earth and essentially eliminate them from the I95 Cup for this year.

Revolution Need Stadium Announcement Soon

DC United has become to state their SSS intentions. New England needs to do the same soon, or risk becoming even more of a joke to soccer fans in the league.

Jose Goncalves for DP

Jose Goncalves has proven himself so far this season. Is it too soon to be worrying about not having him back for next year? Is it too insane to think about making him a Designated Player?

Why Goncalves' All-Star Omission is No Big Deal

The complaint is that All-Star Games are stupid, until your guy doesn't make it. Then the All-Star game is the most important thing ever. Jose Goncalves may "deserve" to be an All-Star, but do you really want him to be one?

Revs vs. DC: I-95 Cup Preview

The Revs are about to take on D.C. United, and that means it's the latest fixture in the I-95 Cup. As we all knew he would, Abram is here with a preview of the Cup.

Is the Agudelo Trade Good for the Revs?

The Writers of the Bent Musket rate the Revolution's recently-minted big trade for USMNT striker Juan Agudelo.

I-95 Cup Update

New England could jump Philadelphia in the table, or New York could take a commanding lead. It all boils down to Saturday's match.

Revs Enter The US Open Cup on May 28th

The Lamar Hunt US Open Cup's play-in rounds begin tomorrow. GPS Portland Phoenix and Mass Premier Soccer start on May 14 in the first round proper. Rhinos enter on May 21. Then, on May 28, the Revs join the party.

The Battle for Sainey Nyassi

Despite best efforts of The Bent Musket, Sainey Nyassi is still a victim of the harsh will of a madman.

I-95 Cup Update: Revs in 3rd

There's only one thing on New York and New England's mind. The magic of the (imaginary) cup! And their all-important (all-imaginary) May 11th matchup.