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Sources: Carles Gil is getting his green card

Carles Gil is working on getting his green card ahead of the 2023 season.

Atlanta United FC v New England Revolution

Carles Gil is working on getting his green card before the start of the MLS season, according to sources who spoke to The Bent Musket.

Gil, 30, joined the New England Revolution in Jan. 2019 after playing in Spain and England. In Mar. 2021, he signed a contract extension through 2024.

Born in Valencia, Spain, Gil has occupied an international slot while in MLS but that will change once he obtains his green card.

This news comes one day after Caleb Pongratz reported that fellow Designated Player Gustavo Bou is in Argentina waiting to receive his green card.

Once Gil and Bou receive their documents—and providing no other player secures a green card—the following Revs players will occupy international slots in 2023: Giacomo Vrioni, Djordje Petrovic, Maciel, Nacho Gil, Dylan Borrero, and Joshua Bolma.

Revs players have been completing physicals this weekend before preseason camp opens on Jan. 9. The team will train for seven weeks, including a three-week trip to Florida, before opening the regular season on Feb. 25 with an away match against Charlotte FC.