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The Bent Musket Roundtable: What is your goal song?

The Bent Musket staff lets you know what their goal song would be

SOCCER: MAY 02 MLS - Redbulls at Revolution Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With all the talk about New England Revolution goal songs, The Bent Musket staff decided to tell you what their goal song would be.

Sam - Pepas by Farruko

The purpose of a goal song is to get people hype. You want to get the fans excited as well as give your team a boost. Pepas does just that. The pre-chorus and chorus are certified to get everyone in the stadium jumping.

Jake - The Brass Bonanza

Yes, it’s still the best goal song in New England. Yes, the Whalers are still better than your hockey team. Here’s 10 hours of it on a loop:

Despite the fact that there is only one appropriate goal song for the region, middle school me demands the inclusion of Good Charlotte’s “The Anthem” and SmashMouth’s “All Star” as well as “Somewhere I Belong” from Linkin Park as potential options here.

Josh: Nightcrawler – Travis Scot (ft. Swae Lee & Chief Keef)

As Sam mentioned, a goal song needs to get everyone pumped. The beat, the bass, the vocals, how can you not get pumped after hearing this echo inside Gillette?

Greg: Shipoopi - Peter Griffin

A goal song should be more than just a song that pumps everyone up, it should be a full performance. And what is a better fit for that than the victory tune that Gillette Stadium fans used to sing during the Tom Brady/Peter Griffin era of the Patriots? Obviously, it’ll be a full re-creation of Griffin’s celebration, complete with a marching band and coordinated dance. It would be a goal celebration so great, it would be worth the yellow cards I get for time-wasting and inevitably being transferred to London Sillynanny FC because Bruce Arena is tired of my showboating.