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Recap: Revs U-19s advance to MLS NEXT Cup Semifinals

The U-19s battle back to pick up a 3-2 victory

New England Revolution Vs New York City FC Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

The New England Revolution’s U-19 squad took the field Wednesday afternoon as they took on the Players Development Academy in the Quarterfinals of the MLS NEXT Cup.

Max Weinstein started in goal for the Revs. Gabriell De Godoi, Jack Burkhardt, Dylan Walsh, Steban Betancur, Brandonn Bueno, Morris Mathews, Jack Panayotou, Jason Zacarias, Isaie Louis, and Olger Escobar comprised the outfield.

PDA gave the Revs a phenomenal opportunity in the 3rd minute as a handball awarded them a free-kick just outside the box. They, unfortunately, did not capitalize, but it was a good effort.

It looked as if PDA was going to find the opening goal in the 15th minute as their shot deflected off Bueno and changed trajectory. Max Weinstein dove in anticipation and watched as the ball sailed towards the back of the net. Steban Betancur saved the day with a crucial goal-line clearance that kept things level.

Louis scored an absolute golaso in the 27th minute. After receiving a pass a few yards outside the box, Louis completed a 180° turn to get himself in line with PDA’s goal and created some space for himself as he drilled a left-footed shot to the top left corner.

PDA did not take long to respond as a good series of passes in their attacking half in the 35th minute led the ball to Colin Griffith snuck a shot between Jack Burkhardt’s legs and past a diving Weinstein to make things level at 1-1.

PDA notched a second goal moments later after a free-kick was whipped into the box and headed into the back of the net in the 41st minute.

A sock debacle caused some controversy at halftime as the Revs switched out their baby blue socks accustomed to their secondary kits with bright red socks. Both teams’ socks were a similar shade of blue, which may have led to confusion amongst players and the officials.

There were two changes for the Revs at half as Malcolm Fry and Triton Beauvois entered the match ahead of the second half. The chemistry between Fry and Beauvois was on display in the second half. Fry attempted to play Beauvois in the 53rd minute as he sent a ball forward, but the keeper was all over it as he came off his line and dove on the ball before Beauvois got to it.

The partnership paid dividends in the 54th minute as Fry found himself one-on-one with a defender on the right side of the box. Fry sliced and diced as he drove towards the net. Fry then beamed a pass across the box as it skipped past two defenders and the keeper and found an open Beauvois, who tapped it into the net.

After forcing a turnover in their defensive half, the Revs lobbed a ball forward where it found a wide-open Fry. Fry took a touch to tame the ball as he drove towards the goal. Fry queued up a shot but cut the ball to his left as the defender slid in. Fry found himself one-on-one with the keeper as he sent a left-footed shot that curled around the keeper and into the back of the net.

Max Weinstein came up huge in the closing minutes as PDA attempted to keep their playoff hopes alive. However, the Revs stood tall as they secured a 3-2 victory over Players Development Academy. The Revs U-19s advance to the semifinals and will face FC Dallas on July 1st at noon.