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Go Green: Why You Need to Check Out Vermont Green FC


©J. Alexander Dolan

Soccer is growing in New England and Vermont Green FC is a shining example of how far the game has come in the region.

The Bent Musket was lucky enough to cover the USL League 2 side’s latest home match at Virtue Field against the Boston Bolts and tell you what the experience is like and of course the talent on the pitch.

While it was a rainy day up in Vermont, plenty of fans made the trip to the stadium. For a USL League 2 side, the attendance was rather impressive. The Green Mountain Bhoys were loud and proud on the occasion showing just how quickly Vermont Green FC has been able to cultivate a loyal following.

VGFC was running a unique promotion with the first 50 fans receiving a plant that they could take home. With the club being focused on climate and environmental justice, there truly couldn’t have been a better promotion.

Vermont Green FC also played Lift Every Voice and Sing, often referred to as “The Black National Anthem,” prior to the match to celebrate African American freedom and achievement, respect for all cultures, and to honor Juneteenth - the effective end of slavery in the United States.

While Dolan went on the field (living his best life), I decided to stroll to grab a nice beverage. Vermont Green FC has its own New England Style Pale Ale, “Go Green” that is brewed by Burlington Beer Company. For someone who isn't a big beer drinker, I have to say it is quite tasty and like everything at the club, the design is impeccable.

Also, Vermont has these really cool beer bracelets. Basically you show your ID and are given a bracelet with three stubs to track how many beers you had. I might be the only person who thought this was interesting but I think it’s pretty cool.

After getting my adult beverage I made my way to the press box, which was my refuge from the rainy conditions, and got to watch some great soccer. Vermont scored two goals within the first 15 minutes with Diba Nwegbo heading the first and Eythor Bjorgolfsson scoring a beautiful strike a minute later. (Of course, Dolan got photos of both goals)

©J. Alexander Dolan

Bjorgolfsson particularly stood out seeing that he reminded me of a now-former New England Revolution striker in Adam Buksa. The giant Icelandic striker can use his physical strength to maintain possession.

Besides the goals, there were plenty of activities on the pitch. If there is one thing that I can tell you about the Bolts and Vermont Green FC, the two teams do not like each other. Over 30 fouls were committed between the two teams.

Throughout the game, spectators were treated to the booming voice of public address announcer Tom Proctor. Proctor might be the best PA announcer in the game constantly pointing out great play and spicing things up for fans (#BigUpTheBoys and #UpTheGreen). While you will be impressed by the play on the field, the same can be said for Proctor’s announcing abilities.

In what might have been the best moment of the entire experience, Proctor mentioned at halftime that he wouldn’t mind if someone brought him up a Go Green, one fan actually did! If that’s not the soccer culture you want to be a part of then I don’t know what to tell you.

So if you are looking for some great soccer and a great time I implore you to head up to Vermont and check out Vermont Green FC. They are so good, Dolan even felt compelled to write.

Dolan - I can promise you, you will not find a more original, creative, fun, and friendly club than this one. I will almost definitely be making the 3-hour drive again.