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A look inside the scouting of Dylan Borrero and Djordje Petrović

Listen to the latest episode from the official podcast of The Bent Musket

Revolution Recap is a weekly podcast discussing recent New England Revolution news, signings, and matches. Hosted by The Bent Musket contributor Greg Johnstone, New England Soccer Today co-founder Sean Donahue, and Kris Valukis, the hosts combined have over 25+ years of covering and writing about the New England Revolution.

New England Revolution fans are anxiously waiting to see what their two latest signings can do but they got a look into how they ended up with the Revs.

Revolution Recap interviewed New England’s Director of Scouting and Player Personnel Remi Roy and asked Roy how Dylan Borrero and Djordje Petrović ended up on the Revolution roster.

Roy said that New England had tracked Borrero a little longer than Petrović. Roy began tracking Borrero last September but had eyes on him since he was 17 years old playing in Columbia.

One of the biggest hurdles for a player is adapting to a new culture and learning a new language. While it should still take Borrero some time, he has been through it before. The midfielder moved to Brazil to play soccer when he was just 17 and Roy said that he was able to learn Portuguese in just six months.

“He’s a great kid,” Roy said.

When it comes to Petrović, New England moved a bit faster with him. Roy stated that he started tracking him in January of 2022 when the club found out that they could possibly lose Matt Turner. Roy added that the club thought that he would be a great profile to replace Turner as the two players share similar qualities.

To learn more about the acquisitions and about Roy’s career listen to the rest of the podcast!

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