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Carles Gil’s passionate plea “wasn’t an issue” for Bruce Arena

Bruce Arena: “I kind of liked the fact that he’s so competitive and he wants our team to be successful”

New England Revolution v Inter Miami CF Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

New England Revolution head coach Bruce Arena had no issue with the passion he saw from Carles Gil last Saturday. He sees it as a sign that the captain wants the team to do well.

After Brandon Bye scored in the sixth minute, the Revs conceded three times in 17 minutes. Gil went over to his bench to issue an impassioned plea after D.C. scored their third goal.

In his post-game press conference, Arena chose not to reveal specifics about what Gil said, saying, “Well, that’s between us. Just talking about some things on the field that we need to get better, obviously. And he needs to communicate with some of the players.”

Arena was asked about the moment in his mid-week media availability and he explained that those types of things happen regularly in sports.

“I see it probably almost every game in my career,” Arena said. “I don’t know how people are making so much of that. Obviously, it was a moment in game where Carles was a little frustrated, but if you watch sports, you watch teams, players have emotions, coaches have emotions. It’s all part of competition.”

“So I’m not disappointed by what he demonstrated. I kind of liked the fact that he’s so competitive and he wants our team to be successful, so to me that wasn’t an issue at all.”

The Revs are currently 13th in the Eastern Conference standings with a record of 2-5-1. They’ll have the opportunity to improve their position on Saturday when they welcome Inter Miami CF.

To get a positive result, the Revs have to get good performances from everyone on the field. That’s why they’re so keen on having a supportive locker room during this difficult stretch.

“It still is a tight locker room – nothing has changed there,” Bye said. “You ride the waves of this league. This happens to teams, you hit stretches of games where the results don’t go your way. But you have to stay together, as a team, and turn things around. We’re hoping to do that on Saturday.”