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Matt Turner celebrates home-opener win with a gender reveal

It’s a boy!

J. Alexander Dolan

Matt Turner wasn’t in net for New England’s 1-0 victory over FC Dallas on Saturday but there was reason to celebrate.

The injured goalkeeper recently announced that his fiancée Ashley Herron was pregnant. The couple took to the field after the match to reveal the gender of their child.

Teammates gathered around the box as it was revealed that Turner will be having a baby boy.

Andrew Farrell was happy for his best friend even though he wish that he could have known the gender before everyone else.

“Yeah, it’s good,” he said. “I was actually kind of pissed because he didn’t want to tell me what the gender was before it happened, but I’m excited for him and Ashley, his fiancée now. So yeah, excited for them. Obviously, a big day, a lot of, I guess, celebrations with Carles [Gil] announcing he’s having a baby and then Bruce [Arena] with his accomplishment for being the best.”

Head Coach and Sporting Director Bruce Arena also congratulated the goalkeeper on the news adding that the Revs have created a family atmosphere among the squad.

“So, it’s nice that Matt [Turner] felt comfortable doing that,” said Arena. “Did he say whether it’s a boy or a girl? It’s a boy? Okay. That’s good. Is he going to be a goalkeeper, hopefully? I think that’s going to be a young man that’s going to have both the U.S. and a United Kingdom passport. But congratulations to Matt. That’s good news.”

It was really a perfect storm for the Revs as Carles Gil announced during his goal celebration that his wife is pregnant as well.

So there are plenty of reasons for Revolution fans to be excited after Saturday. The win was just the cherry on top.