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One Shining Moment in Revs 3-2 loss to Real Salt Lake

After every game day, we will break down one shining moment from New England’s latest matchup.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at New England Revolution Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to One Shining Moment, where we take a look at the best moment for the New England Revolution in their most recent game and give the readers a breakdown.

On Saturday it was hard to have a shining moment because of the weather and how the match ended.

But there were some good moments in the game. Jozy Altidore got his first goal as a member of the Revolution and the Goateng struck for the first time in 2022.

While those were some great moments, the one shining moment from last Saturday will have you asking if you want to build a snowman.

One Shining Moment in Revs 3-2 loss to Real Salt Lake: Arnór in his element

We join play close to the 22nd minute and Andrew Farrell is about to launch a beautiful long ball. As this is just past the 20th minute, the intense weather conditions have died down and players are actually able to see one another.

Long direct balls were the name of the game in these conditions. With the wind whipping and visibility still an issue, defenders had issues bringing the ball down and getting it out of their own third of the field.

Arnór Traustason is on the receiving end of Farrell’s ball and does a decent job bringing it down. Even though it was said 100 times, Traustason must have felt comfortable on the snowy pitch seeing that he is from Iceland (I don’t know if you know this but it can get cold and snowy in Iceland).

Traustason has some options here. He can go for goal as he seemed to have the greenest of green lights on Saturday. Also Adam Buksa is sprinting in the box and appears as though he will be open.

Now it’s hard to know what Traustason ended up deciding on. Since he and the RSL defender make contact it’s unclear whether he was actually trying to shoot, but that’s where the ball ends up.

Traustason falls to the ground and he doesn’t let the opportunity go to waste. He decides to permanently make his mark on the game by making a snow angel. It likely wasn’t that cold for him as you see he is from Iceland and it is quite cold and snowy there.

The key part of this play is that Traustason commits to the act. He takes multiple swings at imprinting the snow angel to make sure it stays there as long as possible. The only way this play could have been better is if he actually scored.