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LA Galaxy 4, New England Revolution 0: 3 thoughts

Well, that was grim.

New York City FC v New England Revolution Photo by Tim Bouwer/ISI Photos/Getty Images

The New England Revolution had its second preseason game of the year and it was also the first time that fans got to watch the club play but fans were left disappointed as the Revs got blown out 4-0.

Fans who stayed up were left wishing they had hit the hay early as it was a poor start from the first whistle. While it is just preseason, Bruce Arena couldn’t have been happy.

So let’s not waste any time and get into the match

1 - The Good

Before ripping into the team, let’s start with the good news. Adam Buksa and Earl Edwards performed quite well.

Buksa showed why he is being chased by European clubs. He continued to use his aerial ability to cause some problems in the box. The only problem is that he was unable to find the back of the net.

Earl Edwards Jr. also did quite well in the first 45 minutes. He made some amazing saves and only allowed one goal. When you consider how poorly the Revs back line performed as well as Brad Knighton’s performance in the second half, Edwards Jr. did quite well.

This is Edwards Jr. chance to see if he can win the starting job once Matt Turner leaves. While Knighton was the No. 2 last season, it seems like Edwards Jr. will get his shot to earn more playing time.

2 - Omar Gonzalez is not a starter

Omar Gonzalez had arguably the worst game out of every player on the pitch. He was a major reason that the first two goals found the back of the net.

Gonzalez looked slower than molasses. His marking was also extremely poor which made life very difficult for Earl Edwards Jr. It’s hard to think that Gonzalez will be of any help this season.

Henry Kessler has absolutely no reason to worry about his starting job. The Revs will likely continue to roll with a four man back line as a rumored three man back line with Gonzalez would be a disaster.

Hopefully this is just preseason rust but if Gonzalez continues to play like this he will be yet another failed acquisition from the mind of Arena.

3 - CCL first leg will be interesting

Overall after watching this match, I think what seemed like a surefire two wins against Cavaly AS isn't the same anymore. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Cavaly sneak a draw or even a win in the first CCL match between the two sides.

New England looked extremely rusty against LA Galaxy. It’s hard to think that rust will magically disappear before their first competitive match. Hopefully by the start of the 2022 MLS season, the Revs will look a lot better.

To LA’s credit, I think the Galaxy looked quite good. Kevin Cabral looks like he will be a problem on attack and Chicharito made some great passes. Overall as a squad, LA moved the ball across the field well and was able to get the Revs out of position.

With less than 10 days left until CCL play begins, Revolution fans will be anxious to see the club return to the field and hopefully have a much better performance.