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Jozy Altidore ready for a challenge in New England

Altidore sat down with Extratime’s Andrew Wiebe to discuss the excitement of joining the Revs along with the challenges he expects.

SOCCER: OCT 27 MLS - Philadelphia Union at Toronto FC Photo by Julian Avram/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Just days after MLS and USMNT veteran Jozy Altidore inked a deal with the New England Revolution, the former Toronto F.C. forward sat down with Extratime’s Andrew Wiebe to discuss the move to New England. After giving it a listen over, all I can say is that I think the Revs have secured a solid player in Altidore.

After talking about his wedding on New Year’s Day, Altidore shed some light on one factor that landed him in New England. Altidore says he put his family first in the decision-making process. He talked about the sacrifices his son has made in the past and how he wanted to put his son and his wife’s career in the best opportunity.

Another factor in Altidore’s decision was finding a place that provided a challenge.

“New England is not going to be easy” Altidore said as he went on to list some of the challenges he expects to face. After a year that saw the Revs clinch the Supporters’ Shield, the Revs “have a target” on their back, and Altidore is excited to face it. He also describes how there is a constant battle for starting spots.

When the opportunity to join the Revolution arose, Altidore said he was “very, very excited about it”. The opportunity to “work with a winner like Bruce” and “the quality in the team” was another factor in Altidore’s decision to join New England.

Altidore doubled down on his family’s impact on the decision by talking about how his wife’s family has a connection to the Boston area and how his brother lives in the city as well. Altidore noted that having a family presence in the area will help him in the professional soccer aspects and how he now has the opportunity to play in front of loved ones.

Although he is self-admittedly “on the wrong side of 30”, Altidore said he “feels great! I feel like I was 22.” While many have questioned Altidore’s shape, the 32-year-old forward is confident his body is in good shape and is ready to go.

Wiebe then directed the conversation back to 2022 as he asked Altidore what his role on this Revolution team will be. Altidore was quick to applaud Gustavo Bou and Adam Buksa as he called the duo “serious winners.” He then transitioned to talking about how he “didn’t want to disrupt them” throughout the season, so he wants to find ways to add something.

“Obviously where I am in my career, I was open coming here and understanding you have to compete for a place,” he said. “Not only that if these guys are playing, what can you add to help take the load off them.”

Altidore also took the time to state how excited he was to get back out on the field.

“I’m just excited to play games and be on a real competitive team and look to try and win another championship,” he said. “That’s all I’m focused on.”

When talking about taking a step back for the Revs if Bou and Buksa get hot, Altidore said, that he has no issue with doing so.

“I still want to be playing and challenging for minutes, but at the same time, I understand if I have to step back,” he said. “I have no issue at all…I just look to add to it wherever I can. Help the team get more goals, help take the pressure off these guys, and help be more effective.”

In terms of what this team can accomplish in 2022, Altidore said, “I think the MLS Cup is what we want to accomplish. I think they came close last year after winning the Supporters’ Shield. The fact they got to taste that, I think it’s important. You taste what it’s like to be atop the mountain.”

I’ll admit, I was skeptical of how Jozy Altidore might transition to this Revs team. After listening to his Extatime interview, I have full confidence in the move and the role Altidore could play in 2022 and beyond for the Revolution.

Click here to watch the entire interview between Andrew Wiebe and Jozy Altidore.