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State of the New England Revolution

Season Ticket Holders got to ask the tough questions on Saturday

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The New England Revolution held their season ticket holder event on Saturday and thanks to Twitter user and season ticket holder @IamElScorcho everyone got to hear about what was talked about.

So let’s take a look at what stands out in an unofficial State of the New England Revolution address.

It sure seems like Arena is content with the current group. Brad Knighton and Earl Edwards Jr. will likely get their chance to show they are capable of being starters but it’s also good to know that Arena and the club will look at outside options.

I’m just sharing because once again it has been proven that being a professional athlete is awesome.

Bruce Arena loves himself some Adam Buksa and I can’t believe he is capable of shedding tears but I’m glad he feels comfortable enough to express his emotions.

And here is the first dose of bad news. Seeing that Arena stated that Kessler is falling behind in training, fans will be wondering if he will be ready for 90 minutes when the 2022 season arrives.

After watching Omar Gonzalez play, I do not want him starting games. The veteran defender seems much more well suited to an off the bench role.

That leaves Jon Bell the opportunity to show what he can do in his sophomore season. It’s no secret that I am high on Bell, but there are obviously some risks as he struggled at points in 2021.

Hopefully Kessler is able to recover quickly and will be ready for the start of the season.

Both of these tweets are quite interesting. Obviously it seems like Buksa wants to back to Europe. It also seems like he is focused on doing what he can while in New England.

Arena’s comments add an extra interesting layer. With Buksa seeming to prioritize playing in the World Cup, a summer move could do more harm than good. He needs to continue to get consistent playing time and switching to a new club will take some time to adjust. Any lapse in form could mean that Buksa doesn’t get his wish of representing Poland in the World Cup.

Once again this move is confirmed. Can it please just happen already?

This is quite interesting based off of the comments we heard from Taylor Twellman. Also if this is truly a major goal, why is this taking so long? I don’t build stadiums for a living, but with how long the club has been at this, if it’s a major goal it should have happened already.

While not surprising, this means that Henry Kessler will not get the opportunity to rip the ball out of a ball kid’s hands and launch it into the stadium.

Personally, I think this is awesome. Revs II deserves more eyes on them.

Adding on to the Revs II comments, the fact that Revs II could eventually have home games somewhere else besides Gillette Stadium is quite interesting. Also since the Revs apparently haven’t heard about parking lot issues, I’ll let them know that the traffic is absurd after a game. Seems like something that you would want to fix.

First off, great question from Mr. Scorcho. Glad to see that MAYBE the Revs will have merch. Hopefully the couple of months was in regard to the gift as season ticket holders are definitely more than deserving.

El Scorcho practicing proper journalism techniques.

Speaking of journalism, prepare for a lot of angry tweets from journalists who will now have no giant video screen to look at from the press box.

Formation talk, Bruce’s favorite. It seems like with Buchanan gone, Arena wants to ensure that all 3 Designated Players are on the field.

Arena confirms he is indeed a big fan of formation talk.

This was probably the most upsetting news of the day. While it’s great that the Revs will get a banner for winning the Supporters’ Shield, the fact that it will feature a new logo is a travesty. The fact that the old banners will be reprinted with the new logo is a crime against humanity.

The new logo didn’t even exist when they won these trophies. Why is the organization acting like the crayon flag never existed? This is revisionist history and unlike the Malcolm Gladwell book I am not excited about this at all. Some would even say that I am quite upset.

I mean it can’t be that hard to build a stadium can it?