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3 things Brazil needs to do to win the 2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup

Besides win games

Brazil Training Session Photo by Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images

The 2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup is beginning in a few days and fans of Seleção will be hoping that they will be able to lift the nation’s sixth World Cup.

Brazil is one of the favorites to lift the trophy with their wealth of talent and experience. They play in some of the best leagues and are some of the greatest players in the world today.

But the World Cup is a different animal. Players need to find chemistry quickly and one poor result can ruin your run for the trophy. If Brazil wants to win, they need to do these three things.

1 - Stay Healthy

While Brazil does have a deep roster, just like any other team they need to stay healthy.

In the attack and in net, Seleção has plenty of talent. Both of Brazil’s goalkeepers would need to go down for any panic to start to set in and even Weverton is a quality keeper out of Brasil’s domestic league.

The back line and midfield is where fans might worry. If Dani Alves is forced to play any significant minutes, Tite’s squad might be in trouble. Center back isn’t particularly deep either and if Thiago Silva goes down, Brazil could face some problems.

In the midfield, veterans such as Casemiro and Fabinho will be doing a lot of heavy lifting. While Lucas Paqueta is also available for selection, after that the depth drops off with the likes of Bruno Guimareas and Everton Ribeiro.

2 - Win the group

If you go all the back to 1978, when Argentina won the trophy after coming in second place in their group, each World Cup winner has topped their group. Brazil will need to do the same.

Getting off to a good start is crucial and that includes when Seleção faces off against Serbia in their opening match of the tournament. If Brazil can score goals in bunches, they will be a tough team to beat as they progress past the group stage.

3 - Maintain composure

The most obvious culprit of failing to do this is Neymar. The guy can AT TIMES flop like a fish. I mean the fact he hasn’t won an acting award is a crime against humanity.

Now there are times when teams go at Neymar to try and get under his skin and ruin the flow of the game. This upsets not only the Brazilian attacker but also his teammates.

If Brazil can maintain their composure and focus at the task at hand, they are likely to be the ones lifting the trophy at the end of the tournament.