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The Bent Musket Roundtable: Who are we rooting for at the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

Who will the staff of The Bent Musket be watching?

Luka Modri of Croatia wins best player award and Kylian... Photo by Thiago Bernardes/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

Unlike our previous article, where we listed who we think will actually win the 2022 World Cup, this is strictly teams (outside of the United States) that we are rooting for or excited to watch.

No rules this time, you can pick as many teams as you would like for any reason, logic not entirely required.


Canada - Tajon Buchanan obviously but also really happy to see Canada get their well deserved shot at the world stage and I think they will make Group F tremendously exciting from start to finish.

Croatia - This is for one of my co-workers who has gifted me a Croatia jersey for when the USA screws up and I can root for someone in the knockouts. Luka Modric forever.

Denmark - The fightin’ Christian Eriksen’s I think are a legitimate darkhorse not only in the tournament but to win this group over France as well after Denmark beat them twice in Nations League play narrowly missing the semis after finishing second to Croatia by a point.

Japan - The Blue Samarai have the best kits in this tournament and are absolutely going to be a problem in Group E.

Netherlands/Belgium - Yes my picks for tournament winners and purveyors of tremendous football, I am excited to from game to game which star or youngster steps up for these two squads and the wealth of talent on the international stage.


Along with the USMNT, I’ll exclude Brazil as I believe they will win it all but here is the rest of the teams I’ll be following.

France - My favorite team is PSG so I indeed want France to win. It will be sad that I can’t watch Christopher Nkunku.

South Korea - My wife loves BTS so I’ll be cheering for South Korea. They also have fire kits and feature the best player on Tottenham.

Australia - I mean it’s Australia, let’s party.

Morocco/Netherlands - I want Achraf Hakimi to score a million goals along with Xavi Simons.


Canada: I followed Canada throughout the qualifying process. A great group of guys who play entertaining football.They also have a lot riding on them, as it’s their first World Cup appearance since 1986. Also have to support a former Rev!

England: Like the US, I am interested to see how this World Cup run will impact the head coaching position as the world shifts focus to 2026. Gareth Southgate is definitely on the hot seat, and it will be interesting to see which way the thermostat spins come the end of England’s run.

Qatar: It’s always fun to watch the host nation’s path in a World Cup. I don’t think Qatar will have similar success as previous host nations, yet it should be a good run for them.

Japan, Belgium, Mexico, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia: Finally, I’m excited to see some cool kits hit the pitch! Japan, Belgium, Mexico, Tunisia, and Saudi Arabia are some of my favorite kit designs entering Qatar, and I can’t wait to see them in action!