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BREAKING: Matt Turner headed to Arsenal in summer

According to Taylor Twellman the two sides have agreed to terms

©J. Alexander Dolan

The storybook career of Matt Turner now has yet another chapter to what has already been a fantastic tale.

According to Taylor Twellman, the two sides have agreed to terms and Turner will be headed to Arsenal in the summer.

Soon after Twellman’s tweet, transfer insider Fabrizio Romano reported that a deal was in place for 7 million Euros including 3 million Euros worth of add ons.

This is a big day for both the club and Turner. The Revs can now boast that they helped Turner get to a major club in the English Premier League. Players who might have been gun-shy about joining the club, now have major incentive to.

First it was Buchanan and now Turner. New England still has players like Henry Kessler and DeJuan Jones who are making some noise so it will be interesting to see where the trajectory of their careers head after this move.

For Turner himself it’s just a truly amazing story as Twellman alluded to above. Just making it on to the national team radar was amazing enough, but now he will be competing for minutes in one of the best soccer leagues in the world. The undrafted goalkeeper has the potential to be remembered as one of the best goalkeepers in American history depending on how well he can perform with the United States National Team in the 2022 World Cup cycle as well as when he gets to North London.

7 million euros converts to $7.8 million which is a solid fee for someone such as Turner. New England will have a lot of money to spend but the question is will they do so wisely.

It’s a weird day to be a Revs fan as you are likely disappointed that Turner will be leaving the club but getting to see him perform in the EPL will be quite the treat and a point of pride for years to come (even if it’s for Arsenal).