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Who are the biggest jokesters on the Revolution?

Ema Boateng and Edward Kizza give us a glimpse into the Revs locker room.

SOCCER: NOV 07 MLS - Inter Miami CF at New England Revolution Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Andrew Farrell might want to watch his back after posting a TikTok of his teammates.

The veteran defender posted a fun-natured video highlighting the “problems” of his coworkers. A.J. DeLaGarza is the one who “loves to argue with fans on Twitter,” Matt Polster is a cryptocurrency expert, and Emmanuel Boateng is “deciding if he is turning 18 or 38 this year.”

Boateng, who jested that Farrell “is a clown,” said that the players are plotting their revenge.

“We’re also thinking about ways to get back at him,” Boateng told media on Wednesday. “We have two weeks here; you guys will see somewhere online. We’ll get him back for sure.”

Banter like this makes the Revs a fun team to play for. While Boateng is quick to note that Farrell is the biggest jokester on the team with A.J. DeLaGarza not far behind him, everyone likes to get in on the fun.

A group of Revs players were seen taking jabs at each other after lunch on Wednesday. It’s their way of keeping things light.

“It’s a great locker room,” Boateng explained. “You can see us before training or after trainings, everybody’s sitting around and just like going after each other, and nobody takes it personal. It’s just like a way that we use to take down the stress a little bit.”

Edward Kizza, who was a rookie last season, stated that the “guys in the locker room are very welcoming.” He describes the team as “a big family.”

This is all done on purpose. Head coach and sporting director Bruce Arena has assembled a roster of affable guys who put the team first. Kizza said that “it’s very fun to be part of.”

The Revs will lean on their chemistry throughout the season as they will likely experience highs and lows. Having a tightknit locker room keeps everyone focused on the ultimate goal.

“When things get tough, it’s easier to rely on your teammate or even pushing extra hard knowing this guy is actually somebody that I consider a friend,” Boateng said.

So if the Revs players ever get Farrell back, it’s important to remember that the jokes and pranks are part of the plan. All we ask is that they keep posting videos to social media so we can be part of the fun.