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What would you eat if you were on the Revs’ charter flight?

What in-flight meal would you choose?

“Man” Hobbies Photo by Bill Greene/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The New England Revolution haven’t played a preseason game yet but there’s already a fierce debate happening on the hashtag.

The Revs took a charter flight to Los Angeles on Tuesday and players shared plenty of pictures of the swanky digs. The one that caused the biggest uproar was a picture of the in-flight menu.

Sure, there’s plenty of other things to talk about but we want to know what you’d eat if you were traveling with the Revs. Here’s what we had to say.

Seth: Grilled Beef Tenderloin

The chicken is certainly tempting but I’m going with the beef option. The coast-to-coast flight is a long one and I want something that’s going to fill me up. The tenderloin paired with mashed potato will do the trick. I would then follow it up with a nice nap.

Sam: Rice Bowl

My answer is sure to upset people but there are a lot of factors. The main one being the time.

Now I love a nice Beef Tenderloin don't get me wrong but at 10 a.m I'll pass. You also have to remember that New England is traveling through time, it’s only going to get earlier in the day (this is how time zones work, right?).

A nice rice bowl is a great way to start your day. It also shows coaches that you are committed to the craft and treat food as fuel to serve your soccer needs. That could be the final push that finally gets New England to #AnnounceRyanSpaulding.

Also you still get Apple Pie and who doesn't love Apple Pie?

So Revolution fans, what are you eating?