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Rumor: Revolution interested in Samuel Bastien

Just days after Buksa’s outbound transfer arose, reports indicate the Revs are interested in midfielder Samuel Bastien

SSC Napoli v AC Chievo Verona - Serie A Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

The Revolution could see a new face arrive in Foxboro as Kevin Savage from French publication DH Les Sport reported that the Revs have Standard de Liège midfielder Samuel Bastien “on the shelves”.

Savage describes how Standard is looking to slim down their payroll to find a player to help their attacking and defensive efforts on the left flank, and Bastien is one of the few names who could depart Standard.

The 25-year-old midfielder is a prominent fixture in Standard’s lineup in 2021 as he’s appeared in 19 of 20 league matches. With 1,470 minutes under his belt in 2021, Bastien has one goal and one assist to his name.

While the transfer fee is unknown, TransferMarket estimates Bastien’s value to be at the $3.3 million mark.

The Bastien interest is an eyebrow-raiser considering it comes just days after a reported $9.5 million offer from Serie B-side Pisa for DP Adam Buksa.

Could Buksa be on his way out? Could Bastien be on his way in? Many questions are up in the air for the Revolution, who are just a month away from opening their CONCACAF Champions League run against Cavaly.