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Maciel practicing patience in 2021 season

Sidelined with an injury, Maciel has his eyes on winning a championship.

©J. Alexander Dolan

One of the most surprising stories of the Revolution season so far has been the emergence of Maciel.

After spending a season with Revolution II in 2020, the midfielder got the call-up to the first team in a move that even surprised himself.

“The season was amazing for me because I honestly wasn’t expecting to play. I was expecting to be playing with the second squad,” Maciel said. “It’s very gratifying for me. I’m happy to be playing.”

The Brazilian has started 14 games in 2021 along with making 17 appearances. He has shown a calmness on the ball and hasn’t looked out of place beside the occasional turnover or poor touch.

Even though Maciel found success with the second team last year, adjusting to the United States was a challenge.

“Last year I believe it was harder but I believe that this year is getting better every day,” said the midfielder. “I have a partner that’s in the second squad, Michel. We get along very well and try to always stay together.”

Michel and Maciel have formed a friendship over many years. Their relationship started back in Brazil where they both played for Botafogo.

“Yes, we’ve played together. We played together in Botafogo during three or four years and we were always good friends, always together, and here it’s not much different, always together, and we try to do everything together,” Maciel said. “Some of the (Revs II) games I try to watch when there’s not a first team game. I try to always be close to help him, on the field, off the field as well, whatever he needs.”

Besides his fellow Brazilian, Maciel also talked about what the vibe is like in the locker room.

“It’s good here,” he said. “Like I said everyone helps me and of course we’re closer with whoever speaks Spanish, but all the players that are here help me out in the best ways possible. I try to help them too with whatever I can, whatever I can contribute on and off the field.”

Unfortunately, the 21-year-old has been sidelined recently due to an injury. He has missed the last two games, The midfielder told The Bent Musket that he is doing his best to return as quickly as possible but being patient as New England prepares for an MLS Cup run.

“I’m being patient because we know it’s a long season,” he said. “There are 34 games plus the playoffs so we know that we need to take good care physically so that when playoffs come around we can reach the finals.”

With the regular season nearing its end, Maciel’s goals are clear.

“I believe that my goal is to finish well,” he said. “Champions obviously. We are battling a lot for this and to be able to play the most games possible, as a starter or going in the second half.”