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Teal Bunbury shares the love on and off the field

Whether it be talking about his teammates or doing charitable work, the striker spreading the love.

MLS: New England Revolution at Philadelphia Union Mitchell Leff-USA TODAY Sports

Teal Bunbury has been in New England for a while now.

After four seasons with Sporting Kansas City, the MLS veteran has been with the Revolution since 2014. Now at 31 years old, Bunbury has the chance to finally lift a trophy.

“I think the attitude, the chemistry has shifted into more of a winning culture,” said Bunbury. “That’s no knock on anybody. That’s just where we are at right now, but I don’t think we can be satisfied with where we are at. I mean up to this point we haven’t won anything. We’re doing well, we are winning games, but the ultimate prize is making it to the playoffs, having home field advantage throughout the playoffs, and winning a championship.”

As Bunbury stated, there is a culture shift underway that can be tied to the arrival of Bruce Arena as Head Coach and Sporting Director in New England. With this change Revolution fans are getting to experience some new things such as players being associated with and making moves to Europe.

Tajon Buchanan will be heading to Club Brugge at the end of this MLS season and DeJuan Jones has been linked to a European move as well. Seeing his teammates succeed is something that Bunbury loves to be a part of.

“I think that’s a sign of a quality team and most importantly quality players,” he said. “When your team is performing well, players who are doing well are going to be seen and going to be coveted. I’m so proud and happy for Tajon. Ever since he’s gotten here, he’s a pretty humble, quiet guy, but he works his tail off every day in training. I love player’s technical abilities, their talent on the field, but the type of human being that they are is the most important thing to me.”

After shouting out DeJuan Jones and Matt Turner’s recent success, Bunbury added that this is just what happens when you have good teams.

When Bunbury isn’t helping his team secure wins on the pitch, he is assisting people off the field. The striker is helping raise money for “Back To School With The Revs,” a charitable campaign that Bunbury along with teammates from a team Bible Study have done for three years now. The goal of the campaign is to hope families in need from Boston with back-to-school shopping.

“The biggest thing for us is trying to show God’s love to one another,” said Bunbury. “Especially last year, times were tough and I think this year still it’s a little tough for some families.”

Bunbury also talked about a specific experience that he witnessed with the program. A child wanted a pair of shoes that was $20 and they became ecstatic when they were able to get them.

“Just seeing his excitement it just made me put things in perspective that there’s times when something for me might seem little but for someone else might mean the world to them and to see those families and those moms in particular cause a lot of them are single mothers too which is hard,” the 31-year-old said.

So far the fundraiser has raised $4,456. You can donate by clicking here.