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New England Revolution: Hunt for a stadium is “active and ongoing”

Oh the things you can hear at a training session

Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Until the shovel hits the ground of a new soccer specific stadium for the club, New England Revolution fans are going to be skeptical of any news regarding the issue.

It’s really hard to blame them. Talks of a new stadium have been going on since the 2000’s and they have been left with nothing of note.

But while attending a training session on Monday, The Bent Musket overheard a club employee describe the stadium situation as “active and ongoing.”

While this isn’t much it does show one thing, the club is in fact looking for a new stadium. They seem to recognize that playing in Gillette might be nice, but it’s not the best situation for the club. If you are going to compete for a MLS Cup, you deserve your own stadium.

Now there has been some chatter revolving a stadium for the Revs this year. In March of 2021, talked about the Kraft’s investment in the club and mentioned a big investment in a stadium one day.

But for now fans are left clinging to these rumors as they wait to hear official news from the club.