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Transfer Rumors: Where in the world is Tajon Buchanan headed?

Tajon Buchanan will miss the All-Star Game and rumors about a potential move continues to surround the Canadian.

©J. Alexander Dolan

Tajon Buchanan was supposed to be heading to California to play in the 2021 MLS All-Star Game but the Canadian has taken a detour.

Images arose from Buchanan’s Instagram story of him on a plane nearly 24 hours ago. Besides what appeared to be a lackluster movie selection, some sleuthing might have determined where Buchanan is headed.

On Monday, MLS announced that along with Carles Gil, Buchanan would be missing out on the All-Star game. This was rather shocking as the winger had played on Saturday in New England’s 4-1 win.

Matching up the time with flights from Boston it’s easy to see that Buchanan could be headed to Germany.

But writer Tom Bogert pondered if Buchanan actually was leaving from Boston. If you look at his agent’s Instagram page, Buchanan was with him at presumably his home which is in Washington D.C. There was a flight that left at a similar time with Munich as a destination.

Buchanan has been linked to clubs in the Bundesliga so this definitely makes sense. The final straw came from Buchanan’s agent. He posted some pictures on his Instagram story that appear to tell exactly where the Canadian is headed.

Freiburg was one of the clubs that Buchanan was linked to. It would be a great step for Buchanan who would join a club that just defeated Borussia Dortmund 2-1

The only step left is for an official announcement but it sure seems like Buchanan will be playing soccer in Germany at some point in the near future.