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One Shining Moment in Revs 5-0 victory over Inter Miami

After every game day, we will break down one shining moment from New England’s latest matchup.

MLS: New England Revolution at Inter Miami CF Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to One Shining Moment, where we take a look at the best moment for the New England Revolution in their most recent game and give the readers a breakdown.

Now when you score five goals there are way more than One Shining Moment. Maciel deserves kudos for bodying Blaise Matuidi off the ball and starting the attack on one of New England’s first-half goals.

But that play wasn’t as good as this moment from Wednesday’s domination of Inter Miami

One Shining Moment in Revs 5-0 victory over Inter Miami: Traustason and Gil put Miami on ice

We join the play with Adam Buksa on the ball. Teal Bunbury is set up deep in case Buksa can get him the ball off a header but the Polish striker has the ball at his feet and is about to distribute the ball to Arnór Traustason.

After receiving the ball the Icelandic midfielder puts the Miami defender on skates. It showcased Traustason’s athleticism and New England was now off to the races.

Traustason continues to advance through Miami’s defense with ease and is able to find Teal Bunbury. This seems like a perfect time to remind everybody just how horrible Miami was in their own half.

Now with Bunbury on the ball he has some options. Carles Gil is on his right while Adam Buksa has his hand raised in the box. Giving the ball to Gil is always a good move and that’s exactly what Bunbury does.

When Gil is on the ball you basically have to lean up out of your seat. Magic is bound to happen with how well he has played this season.

Gil put the Miami defender in a blender. Look at Matuidi, all he can do is stand and watch. The former PSG player got quite the show.

From here it looks like the ball is going to go out of bounds or off the side of the net, but this is Gil we are talking about. He manages to lift the ball over the defense and you’ll notice a familiar face basically all alone in front of goal.

Yep, it’s Buksa who slams it home to give New England a 4-0 lead. It was almost a perfect half for the Revs.

Buksa also had a quality celly seeing that he was bowing down to Gil. With seven goals now on the season, the Polish striker is having a much better season in 2021.