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One Shining Moment in 3-2 loss to Toronto FC

After every game day, we will break down one shining moment from New England’s latest matchup.

MLS: Toronto FC at New England Revolution Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to One Shining Moment, where we take a look at the best moment for the New England Revolution in their most recent game and give the readers a breakdown.

So what was the One Shining Moment for the Revs in their latest 3-2 loss to Toronto FC. Well, Carles Gil did have a fantastic free kick goal that brought New England back to life, but we are going to talk about something else.

Let’s take a look at a real team effort that included a great assist from a player making his club debut and a certain lover of post notching his fifth goal of the season.

One Shining Moment in 3-2 loss to Toronto FC - Boateng’s beautiful ball to Buksa

We join the middle of the play with the legend himself Tommy McNamara on the ball. As you can see quite literally the entire left flank is wide open. You could probably fit the new video screen that they have at Gillette Stadium with how much open space Tommy Mac has.

But then Tommy Mac decides to turn on the jets. He might be 30 years old but no one told his legs and he bursts towards the outside of the left post. He gets by his defenders and is in position to make a play.

McNamara slams on the brakes and cuts things back towards the center of the field. As you see at the top of the screen, Ema Boateng is at the corner of the box and is in a dangerous position to put a dangerous ball in.

In a stunning turn of events that is exactly what Boateng does. He one-times a beautiful cross into the box and ready to pounce is Adam Buksa.

As Buksa always does he rises up and connects beautifully with the ball. The only thing that is different is that instead of the ball rattling off the post, Buksa heads it home to get New England within a goal.

But there was some bonus content as Gustavo Bou bodied Nick Bono into the net trying to get the ball back for the restart. You have to appreciate the effort here from your striker.

So even though it was mostly a disappointing night for the Revolution, there was at least this One Shining Moment