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One Shining Moment in 2-1 loss to FC Dallas

After every game day, we will break down one shining moment from New England’s latest matchup.

MLS: New England Revolution at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to One Shining Moment, where we take a look at the best moment for the New England Revolution in their most recent game and give the readers a breakdown.

So what was the One Shining Moment for the Revs in their latest 2-1 loss to FC Dallas? Well, there wasn’t exactly a lot of great moments so let’s take a look at the only goal New England scored on Sunday night.

One Shining Moment in 2-1 Loss to FC Dallas - Bou continues his hot streak

This play all started due to some great ball movement which wasn’t exactly common in this game. We will pick things up with Andrew Farrell giving the ball to the magician that is Carles Gil.

Of course two players converge on Gil cause that’s the only way that you can try and stop him. Gil lays the ball off to Polster who has some options to choose from.

Gil does a great job of following his pass which gives Polster another target to choose from. There is plenty of open space and Polster also has Brandon Bye on the wing. Polster goes with what is usually the best move you can make when Gil is on the field (give him the ball).

And now the Revs are off to the races. With Gil now on the ball, Bye makes a great run down the right wing. With his ability to whip the ball into the box, it’s always a good idea to feed him on these types of runs.

With Bye on the ball, we now see Gustavo Bou make an appearance. The left back knows what he is talented at and sees Bou making a smart run and decides to send the ball into the box.

And this is where Dallas messed up. A defender tried to block the cross and ends up deflecting the ball. It ended up in a pretty unfortunate area.

Bou is all alone and when you put the ball there he isn’t going to miss. Now the striker leads New England in goals and has scored a goal in the last four games.

If Bou keeps scoring at a similar pace, the Revs will be a tough team to beat and will continue to be one of the best teams in MLS.