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Andrew Farrell makes 250th MLS appearance

It was a disappointing night for the New England Revolution on Sunday but it was a milestone for Andrew Farrell.

New York Red Bulls Vs. New England Revolution At Gillette Stadium Photo by Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

While the New England Revolution suffered a 2-1 loss to FC Dallas, it was a momentous occasion for Andrew Farrell. The 29-year-old defender made his 250th appearance in MLS.

Farrell was drafted first overall in the 2013 MLS SuperDraft and has gone on to play nine seasons for the Revs. While he has yet to win an MLS Cup, the center back has had quite the career.

The 29-year-old has played over 22,000 for the club. Farrell has also been able to notch two goals and nine assists in his career along with 65 clean sheets and 520 interceptions.

Revolution fans have been able to see Farrell evolve both on and off the field. The 29-year-old has gone from rookie to veteran leader.

After the loss, Brandon Bye talked about what he has been able to learn from Farrell since becoming teammates in 2018.

Bye said, “Yeah, a lot. Farrell is the epitome of show up and do his job every single day. He’s definitely deserving of all the praise, 250 is a lot of appearances. I have no clue where I’m even at and I’m nowhere near that. He’s been around doing it for a long time, doing it for a long time so all respect to him. That’s my guy so all respect for him.”

With the Revolution suffering a disappointing loss, Matt Polster wished that they could have done better for the center back on his special night.

Polster said, “Yeah, he’s a huge competitor. He wants to win. He’s a good leader and leads by example, and he’s always out there giving his all. Unfortunately, I didn’t know it was his 250th appearance. I wish he would have done something more tonight and made it more special, but I’m happy that he was able to make the 250th appearance.”

Farrell will be hoping that his 251st appearance is much better than his 250th. With a matchup against the Columbus Crew, New England’s back four will need to be on top of their game.