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One Shining Moment in 1-0 win over FC Cincinnati

Every week, we will break down one shining moment from New England’s latest matchup.

MLS: New England Revolution at FC Cincinnati Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to One Shining Moment, where we take a look at the best moment for the New England Revolution in their most recent game and give the readers a breakdown.

So what was the One Shining Moment for the Revs in their latest 1-0 win over FC Cincinnati? Obviously the goal that Adam Buksa was a highlight and Tajon Buchanan almost broke the net with a strike, but let’s look at the area of the game that doesn’t get enough love... defense.

They say that defense wins championships and while you also need to score goals, it’s a hell of a lot harder to win games if you are forced to score three or four goals a game because of a leaky back four.

So let’s take a look at Andrew Farrell’s great play that kept the game at nil-nil.

One Shining Moment in Week 7: Andrew Farrell’s perfect tackle

Let’s check in at the 35th minute. Brenner looks like he is about to be one-on-one with Matt Turner as he gets by Tommy McNamara and has a chance to give Cincy the lead.

As the camera changes angles we see that Andrew Farrell is the last line of defense. He is charging towards Brenner and has a decision to make. Does he go to ground or try and catch up with his pace?

Farrell makes the decision to go to ground. It’s a risky move as one wrong move could end up in a red card. With Brenner about to be all alone it seems like a pretty clear denial of a goal-scoring opportunity. Farrell needs to be perfect.

And that’s exactly what Farrell does. He makes a great tackle and gets the ball away from Brenner. While Farrell can struggle when it comes to making clearances, he sure knows how to make a tackle.

But Farrell doesn’t just dispossess Brenner. He makes sure that he has no chance to keep the play going. The landscape of the game could have changed if Cincinnati went up 1-0. Thanks to Farrell, New England was kept in the game.

But wait there’s more. Farrell being the perfect display of sportsmanship makes sure to run over to Brenner and help him up. What a guy!

So while it isn’t as flashy as a beautiful goal, Farrell’s tackle sure was a beauty and deserves some praise.