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The Day The Crayon Flag Might Have Died in Tweets

Twitter was all a buzz about a potential new Revolution logo. There was good, not bad, and vomit emojis...but overall, a far more positive response than a lot of other recent rebrands.

SOCCER: JUN 28 MLS - Union at Revolution Photo by Fred Kfoury/Icon SMI/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I have taken several deep breaths, I am about as calm as I can be at this moment...

We have some unconfirmed leaks of what looks like a potential New England Revolution rebrand and there’s a lot to unpack here:

This did not come from the team itself but Bob Williams was on the money with that now failed Columbus Crew rebrand a few weeks ago and that should be noted. Given the recent backlash of rebrands from the Crew, Chicago Fire, Montreal Impact and USL’s Louisville club among others, we’re going to tread carefully since this is for the moment an unofficial mock up. There are apparent ties that his originated from a marketing staffer and/or company or individual designer so there is some legitimacy to at least the concept.

Did it go over well? Sort of? It’s hard to tell with MLS rebrands these days...but it wasn’t all negative and that actually is important.


Matt Turner, legendary goalkeeper and noted Crayon Flag fan.


Some of the images above are I think from that aforementioned marketing campaign but I think that’s solid photoshop work from Mike/Revs UK nd TFC on the updated jerseys. I admit, there is something to work with here and I’m big fan of sash jerseys.

THE POSITIVES (Or at the very least, not negatives)

There are also a lot of people with disdain for this new logo, myself included due to my love of the crayon flag. I’m not going to post the vomit emojis or negative tweets here, there’s a lot of comments about the lack of New England ties in that updated leak. But I’m glad I did highlight and see a lot of good thoughts from the hashtag on was to update this current rebrand or other imagery for the team.

As a focus group concept, the hashtag is a fascinating display of a lot of mixed emotions and ideas, which is great, and hopefully incorporated by the team in any future designs.


Lost in this picture is the Rangers FC (Scotland) crest, not lost in translation is yeah, this seems very Euro-inspired and maybe a little too regal or out of place for New England.

Okay, this is actually a good idea from Mark on this front to try and highlight the “R”. I don’t get the B’s/C’s thing for the Bruins and Celtics but I’m not from Boston so maybe that speaks to more of the target audience. Do I think trying to pivot way from “Revs” is a good idea at this point? Absolutely not, but the idea is there and I think worth talking about.


I really like this last one, the hexagon is at least more unique than the circle/shield standard we’ve seen and works well with a variety of the Six States/Fort concepts the team has pushed recently. Could use a couple of crossed muskets in the middle instead of that ”X” though but there’s a lot of ways you can use that last logo above (especially sans the hex and stars) for merchandising.


I can’t highlight all the good references I saw today, these are just a few. Love it or hate it the new logo was a great if unexpected talking point today.


This is the correct take. It could have been worse. They could have changed the name. Long live the New England Revolution!

If you posted something on Twitter earlier and didn’t make the article, feel free to post in the comments below and add to the discussion of the day everyone thought the Crayon Flag Died.