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Long Live The King: Check out our new Carles Gil Shirt!

Carles Gil is the king of MLS.

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When it comes to the New England Revolution there is only one king. Carles Gil runs the show for the Revs and does a fine job doing so.

Gil has had another great start to the season. He is making magic happen in the final third and doing everything he can to try and get New England a trophy,

So far this season, Gil has one goal and three assists. The Spanish midfielder also leads MLS in key passes and successful crosses along with being second in successful dribbles.

Even though the 2021 season is rather young, Revolution fans have seen Gil make defenders look silly numerous times. His touch and skill are hard to compete with.

So The Bent Musket decided to pay homage to the captain of the club and thanks to our friends over at Breaking T, we have a beautiful new shirt to show you.

I’ve already bought one so why wait? Get yours today and remember LONG LIVE THE KING.