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Check out our new Adam Buksa shirt courtesy of Breaking T!

Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, Adam Buksa is up to something!

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When it comes to Adam Buksa it’s clear that he loves to operate in the air. Being 6’3” does make it easier to go up and head home a goal.

So far this season, Buksa is tied for first in aerial duels won and third in total duels won. He’s a player who always finds a way to get the ball (especially in the air).

The Bent Musket has teamed up with our friends over at Breaking T to create a shirt paying homage to Buksa’s aerial prowess. Now we might be biased but we think it looks pretty sick.

So with fans now allowed at Revolution games, why not get some new swag to be one of the freshest Revs fans at Gillette Stadium and support the high-flying Polish striker who is sure to head home some goals this season as New England hopes to reach the MLS Cup Final.