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New England Revolution: Bruce Arena salutes ownership’s investment in club

Speaking with the media on Wednesday, Bruce Arena praised the Krafts for their involvement in the club.

Montreal Impact v New England Revolution

For a while the New England Revolution were seen as Robert and Jonathan Kraft’s pet project. When you are competing with the New England Patriots, it’s hard to shed that little brother lable, but recently fans have seen more of an involvement and investment from ownership.

New England has made some significant improvements to the club. The Revs have gone out and acquired some serious talent in recent years whether it be Gustavo Bou, Carles Gil, or even more recent acquisitions of Wilfrid Kaptoum, Christian Mafla, and Arnor Traustason.

Then off the field the Revs got a new training facility specifically for them behind Gillette Stadium. The training center spans 68 acres and cost $35 million to build.

When asked about ownerships investment in the club on Wednesday, Bruce Arena only had great things to say about the Krafts.

He said, “I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know the narrative that well, but in talking to the Krafts before I decided to come here and they made a decision to bring me here, we talked about ways to improve the team and certainly there was going to be a greater investment on the player side and a big investment one day in a stadium, which I know they’re working hard at as well. They’ve made a commitment to improve this club, to be more of a fixture in the Boston sports scene, and we’re taking a little bit more than baby steps. We’re not going at it as aggressively say as a Toronto would do or an LA Galaxy in terms of the total commitment at this time. We’re doing it gradually, hopefully with some intelligence, and I think one day we’re going to have a situation here where the Revolution are going to be competing for MLS Cups and we’re going to be playing in a soccer stadium in Boston.”

If the Revs truly want to stamp their place on the American soccer landscape, they need their own soccer specific stadium. Fans have been clamoring for a stadium to call their own.

Recent comments from ownership and Arena seem to indicate that they are doing all they can to get the Revs a stadium, but with how long these discussions have been taken place, it’s likely that fans are going to wait for the shovel to be in the ground before getting excited.