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eMLS: JKO fails to qualify for Series 2 championship tournament

Finishing 22nd in Series 2 qualifying, New England Revolution eMLS player John Oliveira failed to qualify for the championship tournament.

MLS: eMLS All-Star Challenge Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

New England Revolution eMLS player John Oliveira will be heading back to the drawing board after his performance in Series 2 of the eMLS season. With the entire eMLS season nearing its end, JKO will be hoping that he can finish with a bang.

In the first slate of qualifying games, JKO went 1-1-5. In order to qualify he would need a perfect night of play in the final games. Sadly, that did not happen.

On Tuesday Oliveira went 2-0-3. While he was able to score six goals in his two wins, he was shut out in all three of his losses.

JKO also finished qualifying with only 13 goals in 12 games. When struggling to score that much, it can put a ton of pressure on your back line to play a perfect game.

After his performance, Oliveira took to his Twitter to talk about his performance and thank his fans.

He said, “obviously not the results I wanted from my games. Playing at this level leaves no room for silly goals & too often I conceded them first which ultimately damned me.”

eMLS fans will have to wait for the conclusion of the season with the eMLS cup taking place in March. For JKO his shot at the tournament seems rather slim with the top 16 clubs having a chance to make it into the final tournament.

But Oliveira is holding out hope saying that he is “going to work extra hard to correct my mistakes and make a run at eMLS Cup.”