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Carles Gil reflects on his journey to MLS MVP

While fans know what Carles Gil can do on the field, they got a look into who he really is.

Every single New England Revolution fan knows just how amazing Carles Gil is on the field, but everyone got a rare look into who he really is as a person.

Gil was celebrated and publicly awarded his MLS MVP trophy. It was a moment that was well deserved as Gil raked in over 50 percent of the total vote.

The midfielder’s journey to MVP started back in 2019 when he was first acquired by New England. The 29-year-old has transformed since coming to the United States.

“I came here in a complicated moment,” Gil said. “I didn’t enjoy the field and I wasn’t performing the way I wanted to perform. So I came here looking for something different. I came here hoping to find myself again and fast forward three years later, I’m happy, I’m enjoying it and I’m giving the best version of myself.”

The organization also recognized the challenge that Gil was taking on. At the end of his speech on Tuesday, Revolution President Brian Bilello thanked Gil and his wife for making a life-changing decision to play in MLS.

I wanted to take this moment, before I turn this back over, to thank Carles and his wife Maria [Garcia Quintela] for taking that leap of faith in 2019 to come here for the Revolution,” Bilello. Most of all, for what you provided us over these past three seasons and especially so for agreeing to remain part of our family in the future years and signing a contract extension this year. We’re so excited to have you here, we’re so excited to have you here for future years, and what you’re going to bring to us and our communities. So, thank you. Thank you, Maria, for coming here as well and allowing us to enjoy Carles and for all our fans here in the United States and in New England to enjoy Carles’ skills.

Fans also got a look at how much Gil’s teammates, the Spaniard choked up and shed some tears as he thanked them for his support.

“And now for me, for the most special and important people, my teammates,” said Gil. “Thank you so much. Thank you, because you helped me a lot. Thank you, because it’s a pleasure for me to train and play with you, every day. And you make the difference for winning this trophy, for sure. So, thank you so much.”

While it was exciting to see Gil rewarded for his hard work, fans also got a treat as they got a glimpse of Gil’s true colors as a fellow human compared to the usual showing of his god-like abilities on a soccer pitch

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