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Taylor Twellman expects Revs to get a stadium

“If they get it done, it’s going to be before the ‘26 World Cup.”

While Tuesday was all about Carles Gil being named MVP, New England Revolution legend Taylor Twellman made some interesting comments on the organization’s hunt for a stadium.

“I understand why the Revs fans are on pins and needles about this,” said Twellman. “I get it (and) to be honest I’m with them, but I think we are not giving the Kraft family enough credit. First off this is a privately financed stadium. How many other owners in Major League Soccer would have to privately finance two stadiums? I’ll wait for that answer and more so they are going to do it when pragmatically it works at the right time. The crowd and the atmosphere that I saw against New York City, the crowd that would have been here for the Eastern Conference Final, I think they (the club) are going to try and build on that momentum. They are very close, looking at plots of land. They’ve got one. If they get it done, it’s going to be before the ‘26 World Cup because they want to have that as a mecca to showcase Boston as a World Cup city.”

Twellman added that he would be “shocked” if it doesn’t happen. When being asked a follow up question about the stadium by Seth Macomber, Twellman interjected that “this is the farthest it’s ever been.”

Tom Quinlan from WPRO asked Twellman about a specific location (Widdett Circle) but Twellman didn’t comment about the location of the plot of land that he mentioned on Tuesday.

Revolution fans have heard it all before when it comes to a possible stadium, but if there’s anyone you can trust, Twellman seems to be the guy.

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