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Lletget excited to win championships, play with Turner

Lletget: Turner is “probably another huge reason that I’m excited to play for this club.”

MLS: Minnesota United FC at LA Galaxy Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Turner tempered his emotions when he first heard that Sebastian Lletget could be traded from the L.A. Galaxy to the New England Revolution. After all, rumors don’t always come to fruition in the world of soccer.

But as the trade became more likely to happen, the goalkeeper couldn’t help but be excited.

“[Turner] didn’t jump on it right away, because these things fall through all the time,” Lletget told media on Thursday. “I think once I kind of gave him more of a hint of, ‘Hey, man, it’s looking possible. It’s definitely a big possibility that this is going to happen.’ I think that’s when I could sense more of an excitement and more of like, ‘I can’t wait. This has to happen’”

Turner gave Revs fans an opportunity to match his feelings when he posted a picture of the USMNT teammates sharing a meal a day before the trade was announced. Lletget reaction was, “You really want everybody to go crazy right now.”

Revs fans were certainly elated about the prospect of adding Lletget to their midfield as they look to lift the elusive MLS Cup. The 29-year-old is ready to help with this quest, stating, “I want to be on a team that wins and has the ability to win.”

First, Lletget has to get acquainted to New England, especially since he’s never been to Boston. Luckily, Lletget can rely on his “dear friend.”

“Whenever I get over there, whenever I can start looking for places to live and stuff, [Turner’s] going to be my go-to,” Lletget explained. “I already told him I’m going to be bothering him almost every day, him and his missus in his new house, so I definitely plan on doing that.”

Lletget admits that playing club soccer with Turner is a “huge reason” he’s excited to play for the Revs. That said, he’s also eager to get a first-hand look at the club he’s heard so much about.

[Turner] always said really good things about the club,” Lletget said. “Even before this was even in talks between us, he’s always spoken highly of this club.”